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The World Naked Bike Ride is a once-a-year clothing optional bicycle ride that happens in approximately 70 cities around the world.

Through our naked and highly visible presence on the streets of Melbourne, we aim to:-

  • Highlight the vulnerability of cyclists to motorists who appear blind to our presence
  • Promote cycling as an alternative to a car culture
  • Encourage positive body image for all

Too many cyclists are killed or injured on our roads by car drivers who claim that they did not see the cyclists. We say to the car drivers, if we ride naked, can you see us now?

Our naked riders are as vulnerable as the planet that we live on due to a society that over promotes car use. Ditch your car, grab a bike, and do your health and the environment a big favour.

Too many people of all genders and ages are unhappy with their bodies. We encourage all to come along “as bare as you dare” and be happy with your body.

We welcome all, male and female, and all ages to the World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne 2021. Please join us for our 16th Annual ride, the longest running World Naked Bike Ride in Australia.

It’s also a fun and free event!

2021World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne

Ride date for the next World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne is proposed for 28th February 2021.  The ride will only take place if permitted by any Coronavirus restrictions in force at the time.

Be prepared to have a great day!

Please keep your eye on our Facebook event, or our email newsletters for any last minute changes (which sometimes are necessary).

We ride regardless of weather; hot or cold, wind or rain, the ride will still happen! This is Melbourne, we should be used to the variations of weather. You only get this one day in the year to ride in World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne, don’t miss it. It is only due to the most extreme weather conditions which we determine to be unsafe (such as severe electrical storm or flooding) which would cause the ride to be cancelled.



General public will not be permitted to take photos from inside the Meeting Area. We have designated a separate location for the public to take photos of the riders.

Our Photo Policy applies at the Meeting Area and at the after ride celebration venue. This will be strictly enforced!

For those not riding, we understand that you may want to get a photograph of the ride. Please keep in mind that some riders are shy and may not be comfortable with being photographed. Please ask for permission first.

The designated location for the general public to gather along the route to photograph the riders will be as follows:-

Near Imax Theatre, Melbourne Museum Precinct
Rathdowne Street – Carlton Gardens

Google maps…

Time TBA, please be respectful of the riders and the venue.

Wait at the Western end (Rathdowne St end) of the elevated blade roof structure at the Melbourne Museum, Rathdowne St side, near the Imax sign. Do not block the entrance to the Melbourne Museum or the Imax theatre.

You will be further directed to a nearby location for photos once the riders arrive. This is the only location to photograph the ride, the ride route will not be made public. There is public parking in the area. This location is close to public transport and easy to cycle to.



You don’t have to be naked if you feel uncomfortable, after all the ride is “as bare as you dare”. The idea is to use nudity to help us be seen by drivers – and for them to take notice that we are sharing the road.

Registration is not required – just turn up!

We are riding in a public place. You need to accept that you may be photographed before, during and after the ride. Please refer to our photo policy on our website.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you have everything you need:

  • Bike – check that your tires have enough air and if you haven’t ridden for a while, take your bike around the block to make sure it’s functioning well.
  • Bike hire if required – details in FAQs
  • E bikes, skateboards, roller blades and runners are not permitted, sorry.
  • Helmet – this is mandatory and you must wear it. No helmet, no ride.
  • Shoes – bare feet are not a good idea when riding a bike.
  • Body paint – bring your own paint and brushes, and think of some creative slogans to paint on yourself or others. For our 2021 ride, we may not have a designated body painter. Ask someone nearby if they would mind painting your slogan on your body. Don’t be shy, it is a lot of fun!
  • Water to drink on the ride – riders will not be permitted to go into any shops along the ride to purchase drinks, you need to carry your drinks with you on the ride. You may wish to add a purpose designed drink holder to your bike, available from bike shops.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Bathers or small garment should be taken on the ride in case you need to leave the ride for any reason eg, puncture, breakdown.
  • A bag to put your stuff in on the bike – a bike bag is great for keeping your bathers or undies, keys, wallet and phone safe.
  • Horns, bells or whistles – be loud and cheerful.
  • Music making device – play some funky tunes.
  • Cloaking facilities may be available for the 2021 ride, we will advise closer to the date.
  • Cash or credit card if you would like to donate to keep the ride going – you do not have to donate, but we really appreciate it as the ride costs real $$$ money to organise. You will need to pay for your own food and drinks if you are coming to the after ride celebration.
  • A wash cloth or sponge to remove or wash off excess body paint if you are coming to the after ride celebration. We need to respect the venue. Water is available at the Meeting Area.
  • A broad smile, because you will want to wear it!



The Meeting Area location will be advised no later than one week before the ride date.

The Meeting Area opens for riders at 12pm. Bring a pre-ride snack if you wish. This is the time that you should arrive for body painting if you desire, and prepare for the ride. Or you can just arrive at 1.15pm for the mandatory ride briefing.  The ride starts soon after the briefing.

There are taps nearby to fill your water bottles for free. Toilets are close by. Clothes will be required for the short walk between the Meeting Area and the toilets. Car parking in surrounding streets is free and readily available. Shelter is available from the sun but not from the rain.

Cloaking facilities may be available for the 2021 ride.

Wristbands for the post ride celebration will be available for a $2 contribution.

The ride length is TBA, but at a very relaxed pace. There will be several rest and photo stops along the way. There are expected to be a few hills, but not too steep, and not too long. Please carry plenty of drinking water as it is not permitted to leave the ride to go into shops along the way.

Please note that everyone at the Meeting Area is required to comply with our Photo Policy, see the website FAQs for details.



  • Nudity
    • As bare as you dare.
    • Personal choice as to how little to wear.
    • This year, for several reasons, we strongly suggest taking bathers or other small garment on the ride to wear, just in case. Please follow our advice.
    • Please make your own arrangements to carry these small garments, such as a bike bag, or consider a backpack.
  • Ride route will not be disclosed prior to the ride due to past traffic issues – riders will be advised on the day and will follow a ride leader.
  • The length of the ride is TBA. The ride route is mainly flat, with just one or two slight uphill sections.
  • The ride is not a race – we will take a leisurely pace. We plan the route to ensure that everyone will be able to complete it.
  • Riders need to keep together in a group during the ride.
  • Ride marshals will provide information and guide the ride. Please follow their instructions at all times.
  • Ride marshals will be easy to identify as they will have an orange triangular flag on the rear of their bikes.
  • Each rider is responsible for compliance with all road rules.
  • Any directions from Police must be followed.
  • There will be stops where you can take some selfies and drink the water that you carry with you (don’t forget your drink bottles).
  • A respectful attitude to ride officials, other riders and members of the public is expected – there will be zero tolerance for trouble makers.
  • If you become aware of any inappropriate behaviour, please contact one of the Crew.



We expect to have finished the ride at the same location that we started from at the Meeting Area at TBA by approximately TBA. You can stay and have a break and refresh at the Meeting Area TBA for a little while. And make sure to get a custom wristband for a $2 contribution if you are coming to the after ride celebration. Further details about the after ride celebration are in the FAQ “I would like details of the after ride celebration”.



Please like and follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest WNBR Melbourne updates.

or send us a message via the Contact Page of this website. We will respond via email.



World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is a global event, with similar rides happening in other cities in Australia and overseas.

Melbourne’s World Naked Bike Ride is the longest running event of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

The first World Naked Bike Ride event in Melbourne was held in 2006, with 14 riders.  There have been World Naked Bike Rides every year since then.  More recent rides have seen hundreds of riders baring all through the streets of Melbourne.

2021 is the 16th consecutive year that World Naked Bike Rides have been held in Melbourne.

Rest assured that the ride will continue into the future, with a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers working to ensure the long term viability of the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who organises World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne?

The World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne is organised and run by “World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne Inc.  Reg. No. A0105757Y”.  All of the organisers are volunteers who receive no payment for their involvement in ensuring the continuity of the ride.  Please be respectful to all of the crew who give so generously of their time in supporting the ride.

How can I participate in World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne?

Follow the links in the Contact Us section to our Facebook event page for further information. There is no need to register as a rider, just turn up on the day. However, you may wish to indicate that you will be attending on the Facebook event page (it helps us to predict rider numbers).

When is the next ride?

The next World Naked Bike Ride in Melbourne will be held in 2021.  Follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our email newsletter for details of the next ride, including date, start time and meeting area location. The most up to date information in relation to the ride will be on our Facebook event page.

The first advertised time will be when the Meeting Area opens, which will be at 12pm. This is when you should arrive to allow time for body painting, bike preparation, socializing and pre-ride photography. Most people are expected to arrive early as it can be quite busy at the staging area before the ride. Please bring your own body paint and perhaps find a friend at the staging area to help you to apply the body paint. It is a lot of fun!

The second advertised time of 1.15pm will be the ride briefing time, which is the latest time to arrive if you are not interested in body painting and just want to commence the ride without waiting. There will be no ride preparation time if you arrive at the ride briefing time. It is mandatory that all riders attend the ride briefing.

It is anticipated that the ride will conclude back at the Meeting Area by 4.30pm.

There will be a separate after ride celebration at a different address from 6-9pm, details are in our FAQs.

Final details in relation to the ride will be notified via emailed newsletter, our website, and on our Facebook event page, no later than one week before the ride date.

Where does the ride start?

The Meeting area location will be Location TBA. We will be easy to find, just look for all of the cyclists.

Google maps…TBA

There is plenty of free parking in the streets around the Location TBA if you need to bring your bike by car.

The nearest railway station is TBA.

Toilets are close by, but you need to be clothed to walk the short distance from the Meeting Area to the toilet block, which is also where several drinking water taps are located.

Please make your own arrangements to check for trackwork or other delays to ensure that you arrive at the Meeting Area in plenty of time.

Follow the links in the Contact Us section to our Facebook event page for further information.

Any last minute changes in relation to the ride will be notified on our Facebook event page .

What’s the route?

We do not disclose the route in advance. Participants will be advised on the day.

How much should I strip down?

The dress code is officially “As bare as you dare.” Typically it’s shoes and always a helmet. But really, there’s is no consensus – shoes and a helmet make some happy, while others add some combination of a bra, underwear, and/or stockings. Strip down to whatever level will maximise your fun. We wouldn’t presume to tell you what that level is. The decision as to how little to wear is entirely up to you. And you can always consider some body paint to send your own personal message in support of the cause… But please see our advice to carry bathers or small garment on your bike, “just in case”.

Where can I hire a bike at a discounted rate?

We provide this information to assist our visiting participants – please make your own arrangements directly with the bike hirers.

There are a number of places to hire bikes in Melbourne. One place is Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals.

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals are located in a shop next to Batman Park on the edge of the Yarra River, not far from Southern Cross Railway station.

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals are providing discounted bike hire for WNBR Melbourne 2020. They are generously offering $5 off the price of either half day, full day or 24 hour bike hire. To access this discount, first go to the bike rental page of their website on the link provided.

Scroll down to select the type of bike first (a bike with gears is worth considering) and  select the “Book a Bike” tab associated with your chosen model of bike. Select only one participant, (as the $5 discount is applied per booking, not per participant), date and duration of booking. Then select the “Book Now” tab. On the next screen, select the “Add Promo code / Voucher” tab. Enter the code “naked5” and select the “Apply” tab. Continue your booking, with the $5 discount applied to the final price.

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals is a good choice to hire bikes from for the 2020 ride. They have 90 bikes to hire, of various types, but we suggest booking early to get the bike that you prefer.

A bike with gears is a good choice! And consider a way of carrying plenty of water, your phone for photos at the photo stops, and other stuff.

And we strongly recommend carrying bathers, underwear or shorts somewhere on the bike, just in case! We will be handing out suitable small plastic bags and ties to attach this to your bike at the Meeting Area prior to the ride, just don’t leave it to the last minute to sort this out.

All bike hire arrangements are to be made directly with the bike hire shop. The hirer is responsible to ensure that all of the conditions of hire are complied with. Please be nice to the shop staff, as we are grateful for their support!

Make sure that you arrive at the Meeting Area before the ride in plenty of time to enjoy the venue (it will be very busy) and arrive no later than 1.15 pm for the pre-ride briefing, which is mandatory.

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals is a Supporter of World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne. Please go to the Supporter page of our website for further details.

Final details in relation to the ride will be notified via emailed newsletter and on our Facebook event page, one week before the ride date.

What if I fall behind or get lost?

This isn’t a race, so nobody wants to leave you behind. We will be going at a leisurely pace where everyone can keep up.

Isn’t this illegal?

There have been World Naked Bike Ride events in Melbourne since 2006 with not a single arrest. In the past, the Police have been supportive.

Expect considerable encouragement and interest from bystanders along the route. The World Naked Bike Ride is a lot of fun for riders and the public alike.

For the 2021 ride, we will be strongly suggesting that you carry with you on your bike a pair of bathers, underwear or similar small garment which you can change into if there is any trouble, not that we are expecting any. Please make your own arrangements to bring these items of clothing with you.

I am concerned that I may be photographed?

The World Naked Bike Ride occurs in public places, where photography of the riders is not illegal. If you are concerned, you may choose to stay away from cameras in the Meeting Area, or wear some body paint or even a mask to protect your identity. Please be aware that we strongly encourage all forms of media coverage of our ride.

We will be enforcing our Photo Policy at the Meeting Area and the post ride celebration venue.

Riders are permitted to take selfies of themselves at any stage at the Meeting Area, but only if other riders do not appear in the photos. WNBR Melbourne organisers and crew will be monitoring this carefully.

Once on the actual ride, photography by our riders or by anyone else is permitted, the Photo Policy only applies at the Meeting Area and after ride celebration venue, before and after the ride.

For more information, refer to our Photo Policy, also in the FAQs.

Please note that we do not remove photos from our website, social media or other locations taken by our official photographers or ride organisers in accordance with our Photo Policy. The photos are necessary to document and promote the ride. If you really do not want your photo to appear, it is better that you do not turn up for the ride.

I would like information about the photo policy


We understand that getting naked in public, especially for the first time, can make people nervous. We are keen to create a safe environment for all.

After feedback and suggestions from our wonderful riders, we have implemented a few new measures, including a photo policy.

Photography in public places generally does not require consent, and is out of our control.  If you do not want to be identified in photographs taken in public places, we suggest that you consider disguising your identity with sunglasses, face paint, a wig, a mask, or leaving your helmet on. There are some great examples of these disguises in our website photo gallery. If you are not comfortable with being photographed in public, you may need to consider not participating in the ride.

Our photo policy applies to the Meeting Area, both before and after the ride.

Official photographers have been commissioned to photograph and video the ride, and will be readily identified with red “Media” identification on a lanyard. World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne organisers and volunteers will be wearing blue “Crew” identification on a lanyard. All official photographers and organisers have implied consent to take photos from inside the meeting area.

Photos and videos from our official photographers and organisers may be used on official World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne sites to promote the ride. Anyone other than our official photographers and organisers will need to ask for consent to take any photos from inside the Meeting Area. No consent will be required for any photos taken by anyone who is located outside of the Meeting Area. If you are shy, you may wish to gather in a more private area such as in the middle of the riders where it is less accessible to photographs taken from outside of the Meeting Area, or bare as you dare only, or apply body paint, which is also a lot of fun!

If you believe that you have been photographed from within the Meeting Area in contravention of this policy, please immediately tell the person that they don’t have your consent and contact one of the organisers or volunteers who will be wearing blue “Crew” identification.

If organisers become aware that anyone taking photographs may be behaving inappropriately or not in the best interest of the World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne, while inside the Meeting Area or anywhere on the ride, that person may be identified at any stage so that riders have a choice to avoid the person in question. We are serious about ensuring that our riders feel safe on the ride.

I am concerned about inappropriate behaviour?

Please note that no level of sexual activity is acceptable before, during or after the ride. We want this to remain an event that everyone feels safe to participate in.

All participants will be expected to behave appropriately and respectfully at all times. Anyone who breaks this rule will be asked to leave the ride, and the Police may be called.

Please also see information about our Photo Policy.

I would like details of the after ride celebration?

Our riders have spoken, and we listen! In our 2020 pre ride survey most of you told us that you would join us at a venue for after ride food and drinks. And here it is!

We are extremely happy to announce that the Queensberry Hotel has generously offered their wonderful venue to host the after ride celebration for our next ride Date TBA 2021. Check out the “Supporters” page on our website. Any yes, you can be “as bare as you dare” inside the Queensberry, but only for our after ride gathering! Celebrate with the ride organisers and volunteers, and your fellow riders after another successful World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne. You may even make a new friend.

Hours are 5.30-9pm, but the venue may extend the closing time if there is enough interest. Once inside the venue, you can once again be as naked as you wish. Of course, everyone is expected to remain respectful at all time.

Entry to the after ride celebration venue at the Queensberry Hotel will require the wearing of custom wristbands which will be available only to our ride participants for a $2 contribution at the cloaking table at the Meeting Area, before or immediately after the actual ride. We will be checking wristbands at the door. No wristband, no entry, sorry. Once you have the wristband, there is no cover charge to enter the venue. Bring a small hand towel, shirt or similar to sit on if you have a bare bum, please.

Our Photo Policy will apply at the after ride celebration venue exactly the same as at the Meeting Area. See the FAQ on our website in relation to Photo Policy. This will be strictly enforced!

It is essential that you wash off as much body paint as you can before coming inside the Queensberry. Please respect the venue that supports us. There is to be no body paint in contact with any of the furniture or fixtures in our amazing venue. We will be providing water at the Meeting Area to assist in the removal of excess body paint, please bring your own wash cloth and ensure that you use the rubbish bins at the Meeting Area to dispose of all waste.

The Queensberry Hotel is located on the corner of Queensberry Street and Swanston Streets in Carlton. The venue is only a (TBA time) easy cycle from the Meeting Area after the ride. If you have a hire bike from Freddys Bike Tours and Rentals, after returning the bike, you can catch the train from Southern Cross Station to Melbourne Central, the Queensberry is only about a 5 minute walk away. There is no off street car park for bikes or cars at the Queensberry Hotel, please make sure to bring a good bike lock and secure your bike on the footpath nearby, or as you otherwise determine. There are many bike racks nearby, especially towards Victoria St area. Usually there is plenty of free on-street car parking nearby at that time, if that matters to you. The organisers of World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne are unable to take any responsibility for the security of your bike or your personal stuff, you need to make your own arrangements. There will be no cloaking at the after ride celebration.

A variety of food and drink options will be available to purchase, including vegan and gluten free options. It is not permitted to bring your own food or drink into the venue. We thank you for your understanding.

Details of the venue are on their website

Address is 593 Swanston Street (cnr Queensberry St) Carlton. Entry from Queensberry Street, wristband required.

Where do I get further information?

Follow the links in the Contact Us section to our Facebook event page for further information.

Final details in relation to the ride will be notified via emailed newsletter, our website, and on our Facebook event page, no later than one week before the ride date.


Thank you to these amazing groups and people for their continued support in helping us deliver the World Naked Bike Ride in Melbourne. If you would like to support WNBR Melbourne, please feel free to contact us.

The Queensberry Hotel

Established in 1854, The Queensberry Hotel is an iconic inner-city heritage listed venue located on the fringe of the Melbourne CBD. Nestled among the city’s corporate headquarters and its most prestigious universities, this vibrant local meeting place blends the best in Aussie pub traditions with good old-fashioned service & some of the best Pub Grub around. The Queensberry Hotel, with its versatile functions spaces, hosts many types of events and caters for up to 300 guests. A cocktail party in the elegant Swanston Bar, corporate lunch or dinner in the formal Dining room with a private bar, birthday celebrations in the Beer Garden. Fancy having an entire pub for your next Christmas Party? It is all happening at the Queensberry Hotel. The Queensberry is a MAJOR SUPPORTER of World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne. We are extremely grateful for their generous support to us. They are providing an amazing space for our riders to gather and celebrate together after the ride. Which further encourages more riders to come along and share our messages. Location and other venue details are the link to their website.

Visit The Queensberry Hotel

Metro East Association Inc

Metro East Association Inc is a MAJOR SUPPORTER of World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne. Metro East Association Inc is a nudist leisure club that has been running in Melbourne for more than 30 years. They have been a big supporter of the Melbourne’s nudist community over that time. They run regular nude swim and social nights at a swimming pool situated in the outer South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Everyone is welcome to their events. Details are on their web site. World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne is grateful for the ongoing support of Metro East Association Inc.

Visit Metro East Association Inc

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals are supporting us by offering discounted bike hire for the WNBR Melbourne 2020.

They are generously offering $5 off the price of either half day, full day or 24 hour hire rate. We are extremely grateful that Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals is supporting the ride, as by making bikes available at a discounted rate, they encourage more riders to join with us. Please support Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals, for future bike hire or guided bicycle tours of Melbourne. We welcome and value their support to our riders. Go to the FAQ “where can I hire a bike at a discounted rate” for how to access the $5 discount.

Visit Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals


CosmeX organises clothing optional swim and massage events at various locations. They regularly host swim and massage events at a swim centre at Laverton. Similar to WNBR Melbourne, everyone is welcome to their events. We are grateful to CosmeX for promoting our ride. Please refer to the CosmeX website for all details about their upcoming events.

Visit CosmeX

Contact Us