Our Aim

Through our highly visible presence on the streets of Melbourne,
our clothing optional protest aims to promote awareness of three important issues:-

Highlight the vulnerability of cyclists to motorists who appear blind to our presence.
Promote cycling as an alternative to a car culture.
Body Positivity
Promote positive body image for all.

About Us

The World Naked Bike Ride is a once-a-year protest or demonstration in the form of a clothing optional bicycle ride which that happens in approximately 70 cities around the world.


World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne

Meeting Area
Melbourne, exact location to be advised
Sunday, 12th February 2023
Start time
12:00 pm


The date for the next World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne is 12th February 2023. Be prepared to have a great day!

Please subscribe to our our email newsletters for any last minute changes (which sometimes are necessary).

We ride regardless of weather; hot or cold, wind or rain, the ride will still happen! This is Melbourne, we should be used to the variations of weather. You only get this one day in the year to ride in World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne, don’t miss it. It is only due to the most extreme weather conditions which we determine to be unsafe (such as severe electrical storm or flooding), or due to Coronavirus restrictions, which would cause the ride to be postponed or cancelled.

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A few images from recent rides.


World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is a global protest or demonstration, with similar rides happening in other cities in Australia and overseas.

Melbourne’s World Naked Bike Ride is the longest running in the Southern Hemisphere.

The first World Naked Bike Ride event in Melbourne was held in 2006, with 14 riders.  There have been World Naked Bike protest or demonstration rides every year since then.  More recent rides have seen hundreds of riders baring all through the streets of Melbourne. For several years there were small rides during Winter. We have no plans to resume these cold weather rides.

Melbourne rides vary in location. In recent years, our rides have gone through the centre of the Melbourne CBD, as well as parts of St Kilda, Albert Park, East Melbourne, West Melbourne, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, Collingwood, North Melbourne, Brunswick, Carlton, Fitzroy, and Parkville.

2023 is the 18th consecutive year that World Naked Bike Rides have been held in Melbourne.

Rest assured that the ride will continue into the future, with a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers working to ensure the long term viability of the ride.


We understand that you may have questions, and you may find the answers here. More FAQs are available via the red tab below.

Who organises World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne?

The World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne is a protest or demonstration ride which is organised and run by “World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne Inc.  Reg. No. A0105757Y”.  All of the organisers are volunteers who receive no payment for their involvement in ensuring the continuity of the ride.  Please be respectful to all of the crew who give so generously of their time in supporting the ride.

How can I participate in World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne?

There is no need to register as a rider prior to the day, just turn up. However, you may wish to indicate that you will be attending on the Facebook Event Page (it helps us to predict rider numbers).

When is the next ride?

The next World Naked Bike Ride in Melbourne will be held on 12th February 2023.  Follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our email newsletter for details of the next ride, including date, start time and Meeting Area location. The most up to date information in relation to the ride will be available via subscribing to our email newsletter via our website, or updates provided on our Facebook event page.

More about when is the next ride
Where does the ride start?



The Meeting Area location will be TBA. Bikes must not be ridden anywhere within the LOCATION TBA. Please walk your bike,

Google Maps… TBA

We will be easy to find, just look for all of the cyclists.

There is no long term free parking in the streets around the MEETING AREA LOCATION TBA. However, there is paid all day parking at CAR PARKING LOCATION TBA.

The nearest railway station is TBA.

Please make your own arrangements to check for trackwork or other delays to ensure that you arrive at the Meeting Area in plenty of time.

Any last minute changes in relation to the ride will be notified via email newsletter.

What's the route?

We do not disclose the route in advance. Participants will be advised on the day.

How much should I strip down?

The dress code is officially “as bare as you dare.” Typically it’s shoes and always a helmet. But really, there’s is no consensus – shoes and a helmet make some happy, while others add some combination of a bra, underwear, and/or stockings. Strip down to whatever level will maximise your fun. We wouldn’t presume to tell you what that level is. The decision as to how little to wear is entirely up to you. And you can always consider some body paint to send your own personal message in support of the cause… But please see our advice to carry bathers or small garment on your bike, “just in case”.


Special thanks to our supporters who have made our ride possible.

The Queensberry Hotel

Established in 1854, The Queensberry Hotel is an iconic inner-city heritage listed venue located on the fringe of the Melbourne CBD. Nestled among the city’s corporate headquarters and its most prestigious universities, this vibrant local meeting place blends the best in Aussie pub traditions with good old-fashioned service & some of the best Pub Grub around. The Queensberry Hotel, with its versatile functions spaces, hosts many types of events and caters for up to 300 guests. A cocktail party in the elegant Swanston Bar, corporate lunch or dinner in the formal Dining room with a private bar, birthday celebrations in the Beer Garden. Fancy having an entire pub for your next Christmas Party? It is all happening at the Queensberry Hotel. The Queensberry is a MAJOR SUPPORTER of World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne. We are extremely grateful for their generous support to us. They are providing an amazing space for our riders to gather and celebrate together after the ride. Which further encourages more riders to come along and share our messages. Location and other venue details are the link to their website.

Metro East Association Inc

Metro East Association Inc is a MAJOR SUPPORTER of World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne. Metro East Association Inc is a nudist leisure club that has been running in Melbourne for more than 30 years. They have been a big supporter of the Melbourne’s nudist community over that time. They run regular nude swim and social nights at a swimming pool situated in the outer South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Everyone is welcome to their events. Details are on their web site. World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne is grateful for the ongoing support of Metro East Association Inc.

Alfi's Naturist Retreat

New owners Al and Fi would like to welcome all you to their family friendly Naturist Retreat. Situated on 20 Hectares of stunning natural bushland near to Rushworth in North Central Victoria, Victoria Alfi’s Naturist Retreat has powered and non powered camping sites, as well as limited on site accommodation.  There are walking tracks to explore, as well as a brand new pool area, recreation room with kitchen, BBQ facilities and hot showers. We are grateful to Alfi’s Naturist Retreat for getting our message out to more people by listing our ride on their website and social media. It would be appreciated if you could support those organisations that promote us.


CosmeX organises clothing optional swim and massage events at various locations. They regularly host swim and massage events at a swim centre at Laverton. Similar to WNBR Melbourne, everyone is welcome to their events. We are grateful to CosmeX for promoting our ride. Please refer to the CosmeX website for all details about their upcoming events.

Blue Tongue Bikes


Blue Tongue Bikes are supporting us by providing discounted bike hire for the World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne 2022.

They are generously offering 15% off their bike hire rates. We are extremely grateful that Blue Tongue Bikes is supporting the ride, as by making bikes available at a discounted rate, they encourage more riders to join with us. Please support Blue Tongue Bikes, for future bike hire or guided bicycle tours of Melbourne. We welcome and value their support to our riders. Go to the FAQ “where can I hire a bike at a discounted rate” for how to access the 15% discount.

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