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About Us

In 2019, the World Naked Bike Ride returns to Melbourne, bigger and better than ever!!!

The World Naked Bike Ride is an annual, worldwide bike ride.

Through our naked and highly visible presence on the streets of Melbourne, we aim to:-

  • Highlight the vulnerability of cyclists to motorists who appear blind to our presence
  • Protest against transport powered by non sustainable forms of energy
  • Promote positive body image for all

The naked aspect of our ride provides a unique opportunity to promote our causes to the general public, and the media who are always keen to cover the ride. Without the naked element to the ride, it is likely that our messages would not be reported in the media.

Our naked riders are as vulnerable as the planet that we live on due to the over reliance on non sustainable sources of energy. We set an example by choosing an environmentally friendly transport choice. Ditch your car, grab a bike, and do your health and the earth a big favour.

And why is it that cyclists continue to be killed and injured on our roads, by car drivers who claim not to be able to see bicycles. The excuses by some motorists that they fail to see cyclists are totally unacceptable.

If I ride naked, can you see me now?

The World Naked Bike Ride encourages drivers to take notice of cyclists, and promotes cyclist safety.

Our society has created a model of the body beautiful, which is reinforced constantly through advertising and the media. Many people, both male and female, struggle with the perceived imperfections of their bodies. The same people avoid showing their bodies due to fear of criticism or rejection. The World Naked Bike Ride is a totally inclusive event. You don’t need to dress up for this event, just come as you are.

Many people also, incorrectly, seem to only associate the naked body with sex. We aim to de-sexualise nudity and celebrate the human body, in all its shapes and sizes.

Nude is not rude

We welcome all, male and female, and all ages to the World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne 2019. Please join us for our 14th Annual ride, the biggest of its kind in the Southern hemisphere.

It’s also a fun and free event!

2019World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne

The World Naked Bike Ride returns to Melbourne in 2019!

Ride date is CONFIRMED as Saturday 16th March 2019. Put it in your diary now!

The staging area at The Third Day opens for riders at 12pm. This is the time that you should arrive for body painting and the fun of the pre-ride competitions, and to prepare for the ride. If you do not need to prepare for the ride, you can arrive at 1pm for the pre-ride briefing, which every rider must attend. The ride will conclude by 4.30pm, and is 10.5km in length. A few hills but not too challenging.

The staging area will be at The Third Day, 290 Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne. This is an amazing venue! This year, there will be a unique opportunity to remain naked or “as bare as you dare” at the staging area after the ride. There will also be food and drinks which you can purchase on site. You are welcome to stay and party with your friends and the other riders to celebrate what we promise will be a wonderful WNBR Melbourne 2019.

Bring your bike or any other human powered vehicle that you can legally ride on the road and come to join us for the Summer 2019 ride – just be sure to wear your helmet.

The World Naked Bike Ride is a free bike ride, however, we gratefully accept donations to help fund future rides. We really do rely on your generosity. It costs us hundreds of dollars each year for our website and advertising. There are significant and unavoidable expenses in keeping the ride going. All of the organisers are volunteers who receive no payment for organising the ride. Donations can be made on the day of the ride via cash or credit card. If you would like to financially support us at any stage, we would welcome you contacting us via the links on the Supporters page.

Everyone is welcome to join in the ride, it is a fun, clothing-optional event. The aim is to bare all to ensure that cars and other users of the road take notice of cyclists. Young and old, families and solo riders all share the road after all.

Please be sure you check your bike and pump up your tires before you join us. If you don’t have a bike, try and borrow one from your friends or family. Otherwise you can rent a bike. There is also a nearby bike store that hires out bicycles, details in our FAQs.

The 2019 route will not be made public due to traffic management issues in previous years. We will be coordinating with the media a few key photo locations, where riders can participate if they feel comfortable enough to do so.

At the end of the ride, we will finish off where we started at The Third Day where we can all celebrate and have some food and drinks to celebrate another successful ride. For those who may not be able to cycle, you are welcome to join us after the ride for a cold drink.

Please drink responsibly, as we want you all to get home safely.


World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is a global event, with similar rides happening in other cities in Australia and overseas.

Melbourne’s World Naked Bike Ride is the largest event of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

The first World Naked Bike Ride event in Melbourne was held in 2006, with 14 riders.  There have been World Naked Bike Rides every year since then.  More recent rides have seen hundreds of riders baring all through the streets of Melbourne.

Rest assured that the ride will continue into the future, with a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers working to ensure the long term viability of the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get further information?

Follow the links in the Contact Us section to our Facebook event page for further information.

Final details in relation to the ride will be notified via emailed newsletter and on our Facebook event page, no later than one week before the ride date.

I am concerned about inappropriate behaviour?

Please note that no level of sexual activity is acceptable before, during or after the ride. We want this to remain a family friendly event.

All participants will be expected to behave appropriately and respectfully at all times. Anyone who breaks this rule will be asked to leave the ride, and the Police may be called.

Please also see information about our Photo Policy.

I would like information about the photo policy


We understand that getting naked in public, especially for the first time, can make people nervous. We are keen to create a safe environment for all

After feedback and suggestions from our wonderful riders, we have implemented a few new measures, including a photo policy.

Photography in public places generally does not require consent. Our photo policy applies to the staging area, both before and after the ride.

Designated official photographers have been commissioned to document the ride, and will be readily identified with red “Media” identification on a lanyard. Organising and assisting personnel will be wearing blue “Crew” identification on a lanyard. Both official photographers and organisers have implied consent to take photos in the staging area.

Photos from our official photographers and organisers may be used on official World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne sites to promote the ride. Non official photographers need to get consent when inside the staging area. No consent will be required for photos taken from outside the staging area. If you are shy, you may wish to gather in areas less accessible to photographs taken from outside of the staging area, wear some level of clothing or apply body paint which is also a lot of fun!

If you believe that you have been photographed from within the staging area in contravention of this policy, please contact one of the organisers who will be wearing blue “Crew” identification.

If organisers become aware that any photographer may be behaving inappropriately or not in the best interest of the World Naked Bike Ride, while inside the staging area or anywhere on the ride, that person may be identified at any stage so that riders have a choice to avoid the person in question. We are serious about ensuring that our riders feel safe on the ride.

I am concerned that I may be photographed?

The World Naked Bike Ride occurs in public places, where photography of the riders is not illegal. If you are concerned, you may choose to stay away from cameras in the staging area, or wear some body paint or even a mask to protect your identity. Please be aware that we strongly encourage all forms of media coverage of our ride.

The staging area of the 2019 ride is at The Third Day, which is a private venue. We will be enforcing our Photo Policy at the staging area, and have full permission of the owner of the venue to do so.

Riders are permitted to take selfies of themselves at any stage at the staging area, but only if other riders do not appear in the photos. WNBR Melbourne organisers and crew will be monitoring this carefully.

Once on the actual ride, photography by our riders or by anyone else is permitted, The Photo Policy only applies at the staging area, before and after the ride.

For more information, refer to our Photo Policy, also in the FAQs.

Please note that we do not remove photos from our website, social media or other locations taken by our official photographers or ride organisers in accordance with our Photo Policy. The photos are necessary to document and promote the ride. If you really do not want your photo to appear, it is better that you do not turn up for the ride.

Isn’t this illegal?

There have been World Naked Bike Ride events in Melbourne since 2006 with not a single arrest. In the past, the Police have been supportive.

Expect considerable encouragement and interest from bystanders along the route. The World Naked Bike Ride is a lot of fun for riders and the public alike.

For the 2019 ride, we will be strongly suggesting that you carry with you on your bike a pair of bathers, underwear or similar small garment which you can change into if there is any trouble, not that we are expecting any. We will have free A4 size plastic bags and ties in the staging area into which you can put your bathers or other small garment to attach to the frame or handle bar of the bike. Also you can wear them at the end of the day while enjoying food or refreshments at the staging location.

What if I fall behind or get lost?

This isn’t a race, so nobody wants to leave you behind. We will be going at a leisurely pace where everyone can keep up.

How much should I strip down?

The dress code is officially “As bare as you dare.” Typically it’s shoes and always a helmet. But really, there’s is no consensus – shoes and a helmet make some happy, while others add some combination of a bra, underwear, and/or stockings. Strip down to whatever level will maximise your fun. We wouldn’t presume to tell you what that level is. The decision as to how little to wear is entirely up to you. And you can always consider some body paint to send your own personal message in support of the cause… But please see our advice to carry bathers or small garment on your bike, “just in case”.

Where can I hire a bike close to the staging area at a discounted rate?

There are a number of places to hire bikes in Melbourne. One place is Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals, a bike shop located in the city but very easy to get to from our staging area at The Third Day in North Melbourne.

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals is offering discounted bike hire for WNBR Melbourne 2019. They are generously offering $5 off the price of either half day, full day or 24 hour bike hire. To access this discount, first go to the bike rental page of their website on the link provided.

Scroll down to select the type of bike first (a bike with gears is worth considering) and  select the “Book a Bike” tab associated with your chosen model of bike. Select only one participant, (as the $5 discount is applied per booking, not per participant), date and duration of booking. Then select the “Book Now” tab. On the next screen, select the “Add Promo code / Voucher” tab. Enter the code “naked5” and select the “Apply” tab. Continue your booking, with the $5 discount applied to the final price.

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals is a good choice to hire bikes from for the 2019 ride. They have 90 bikes to hire, of various types, but we suggest booking early to get the bike that you prefer.

A bike with gears is a good choice! And consider a way of carrying plenty of water, your phone for photos at the photo stops, and other stuff.

And we strongly recommend carrying bathers, underwear or shorts somewhere on the bike, just in case! We will be handing out suitable small plastic bags and ties to attach this to your bike at the staging area prior to the ride, just don’t leave it to the last minute to sort this out.

It only takes a short time to get from this bike hire shop to The Third Day. Get their location from their website, hire a bike, then walk or ride to Southern Cross Station, not far. Catch the Upfield Line train to Macaulay Station, only 2 stations away if the train does not go through the city loop. Get off at Macaulay station, cross the tracks, walk 1 minute and you are at The Third Day. Easy! And they close at 6pm on the day of the ride, so you can return your bike with plenty of time to spare after the ride, then come back to The Third Day for more after ride celebrations. Or extend the hire and get the bike back to them the next day, the choice is yours.

All bike hire arrangements are to be made directly with the bike hire shop. The hirer is responsible to ensure that all of the conditions of hire are complied with. Please be nice to the shop staff, as we are grateful for their support!

Make sure that you arrive at The Third Day before the ride in plenty of time to enjoy the staging area (it will be very busy) and arrive no later than 1 pm for the pre-ride briefing, which is mandatory.

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals is a Supporter of World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne. Please go to the Supporter page of our website for further details.

Final details in relation to the ride will be notified via emailed newsletter and on our Facebook event page, one week before the ride date.

Can I participate without a bike?

If it can be legally ridden on the road and human powered, you can bring it on the ride.  Skateboards and roller blades are not permitted, nor are runners or walkers. This is a World Naked BIKE ride after all.

What’s the route?

We do not disclose the route in advance. Participants will be advised on the day.

Where does the ride start?

The staging area for WNBR Melbourne 2019 will be at The Third Day, 290 Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne.

The location is readily accessible via train if you choose to arrive via public transport with your bicycle. The staging area is next door to the Macaulay Train station which is on the Upfield Train line.

Follow the links in the Contact Us section to our Facebook event page for further information.

Final details in relation to the ride will be notified via emailed newsletter and on our Facebook event page, no later than one week before the ride date.

When is the next ride?

The next World Naked Bike Ride in Melbourne will be held on Saturday, 16th March 2019.  Follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our email newsletter for details of the next ride, including date, start time and staging location. The most up to date information in relation to the ride will be on our Facebook event page.

This year, in response to feedback from our riders during the post-ride survey in 2018, we will be changing the starting time arrangements.

The first advertised time will be when the staging area opens, which will be at 12pm. This is when you will arrive to allow time for body painting, bike preparation, socializing and pre-ride photography. Most people are expected to arrive early as it can be quite busy at the staging area before the ride. Please bring your own body paint and perhaps find a friend at the staging area to help you to apply the body paint. It is a lot of fun!

The second advertised time of 1 pm will be the ride briefing time, which is the latest time to arrive if you are not interested in body painting and just want to commence the ride without waiting. There will be no ride preparation time if you arrive at the ride briefing time. It is mandatory that all riders attend the ride briefing.

It is anticipated that the ride will conclude back at the staging area by 4.30 pm.

Final details in relation to the ride will be notified via emailed newsletter and on our Facebook event page, no later than one week before the ride date.

How do I join the World Naked Bike Ride in Melbourne?

Follow the links in the Contact Us section to our Facebook event page for further information. There is no need to register as a rider, just turn up on the day. However, you may wish to indicate that you will be attending on the Facebook event page (it helps us to predict rider numbers).


Thank you to these amazing groups and people for their continued support in helping us deliver the World Naked Bike Ride in Melbourne. If you would like to support WNBR Melbourne, please feel free to contact us.


CosmeX organises clothing optional swim and massage events at various locations. They regularly host swim and massage events at a swim centre at Laverton. Similar to WNBR Melbourne, everyone is welcome to their events. We are grateful to CosmeX for promoting our ride. Please refer to the CosmeX website for all details about their upcoming events.


Visit CosmeX

Metro East Association Inc

Metro East Association Inc is a major supporter of World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne. Metro East Association Inc is a nudist leisure club that has been running in Melbourne for more than 30 years. They have been a big supporter of the Melbourne’s nudist community over that time. They run regular nude swim and social nights at a swimming pool situated in the outer South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Everyone is welcome to their events. Details are on their web site. World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne is grateful for the ongoing support of Metro East Association Inc.

Visit Metro East Association Inc

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals

Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals is offering discounted bike hire for the WNBR Melbourne 2019. They are generously offering $5 off the price of either half day, full day or 24 hour hire rate. We are extremely grateful that Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals is supporting the ride, as by making bikes available close to the staging area at a discounted rate, they encourage more riders to join with us. Please support Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals, for future bike hire or guided bicycle tours of Melbourne. We welcome and value their support to our riders. Go to the FAQ “where can I hire a bike close to the staging area at a discounted rate” for how to access the $5 discount.

Visit Freddy’s Bike Tours and Rentals

The Third Day

We are fortunate to have secured an amazing venue for our pre-ride staging area and post-ride celebrations. The Third Day is a unique and versatile function space, bar and cafe in North Melbourne. They have converted an abandoned 1920s warehouse to an outstanding event space which is a perfect place for us to base our ride. Check out their website, look at the pictures, then go and see for yourself what a great spot this is. The Third Day have been extremely generous in making their venue available for our 2019 ride. The Third Day is a major supporter of WNBR Melbourne. We would appreciate you visiting them as often as possible to thank them for their outstanding support to us. All details of The Third Day, including address and opening hours, are on our link to their website.

Visit The Third Day