When is the next ride?

The next World Naked Bike Ride in Melbourne will be held on 20th February 2022.  Follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our email newsletter for details of the next ride, including date, start time and Meeting Area location. The most up to date information in relation to the ride will be available via subscribing to our email newsletter via our website, or updates provided on our Facebook event page.

The Meeting Area opens at 12pm. This is when you should arrive to allow time for body painting, bike preparation, socializing and pre-ride photography. Most people are expected to arrive early as it can be quite busy at the staging area before the ride. We ask that you bring your own body paint and perhaps find a friend at the staging area to help you to apply the paint. It is a lot of fun!

Please plan to arrive no later than 1pm as we need time to allow all riders to check-in using QR code, and for us to verify that everyone is fully vaccinated. We are planning for two check-in tables to minimise queuing and wait times. Please be respectful to our volunteer crew at all times who are working very hard in difficult circumstances on your behalf to make this year’s ride a reality. There will be a ride briefing immediately prior to the commencement of the ride. It is mandatory that everyone attends the ride briefing.

It is anticipated that the ride will conclude back at the Meeting Area by 4.30 pm.

There will be a separate after ride celebration TO BE CONFIRMED at a different address from 5-9 pm, details are in our FAQs.

Final details in relation to the ride will be notified via emailed newsletter, our website, and on our Facebook event page, no later than one week before the ride date.

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