I would like information about the photo policy


We understand that getting naked in public, especially for the first time, can make people nervous. We are keen to create a safe environment for all.

After feedback and suggestions from our wonderful riders, we have implemented a few new measures, including a photo policy.

Photography in public places generally does not require consent, and is out of our control.  If you do not want to be identified in photographs taken in public places, we suggest that you consider disguising your identity with sunglasses, face paint, a wig, a mask, or leaving your helmet on. There are some great examples of these disguises in our website photo gallery. If you are not comfortable with being photographed in public, you may need to consider not participating in the ride.

Our photo policy applies to the Meeting Area, both before and after the ride.

Official photographers have been commissioned to photograph and video the ride, and will be readily identified with red “Media” identification on a lanyard. World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne organisers and volunteers will be wearing blue “Crew” identification on a lanyard. All official photographers and organisers have implied consent to take photos from inside the Meeting Area.

Photos and videos from our official photographers and organisers may be used on official World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne sites to promote the ride. Anyone other than our official photographers and organisers will need to ask for consent to take any photos from inside the Meeting Area. No consent will be required for any photos taken by anyone who is located outside of the Meeting Area. If you are shy, you may wish to gather in a more private area such as in the middle of the riders where it is less accessible to photographs taken from outside of the Meeting Area, or bare as you dare only, or apply body paint, which is also a lot of fun!

If you believe that you have been photographed from within the Meeting Area in contravention of this policy, please immediately tell the person that they don’t have your consent and contact one of the organisers or volunteers who will be wearing blue “Crew” identification.

If organisers become aware that anyone taking photographs may be behaving inappropriately or not in the best interest of the World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne, while inside the Meeting Area or anywhere on the ride, that person may be identified at any stage so that riders have a choice to avoid the person in question. We are serious about ensuring that our riders feel safe on the ride.

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