Isn't this illegal?

There have been World Naked Bike Rides in Melbourne since 2006 with not a single arrest. In the past, the Police have been supportive. During the 2022 ride, Police on bicycles provided assistance with the management of the ride route, particularly at some key intersections. We would hope that for the 2023 ride, Police may be able to assist in the management of the ride group once again which enhances safety for everybody..

Expect considerable encouragement and interest from bystanders along the route. The World Naked Bike Ride is a lot of fun for riders and the public alike.

For the 2023 ride, we will be strongly suggesting that you carry with you on your bike a pair of bathers, underwear or similar small garment which you can change into if there is any trouble, not that we are expecting any. Please make your own arrangements to bring these items of clothing with you.

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